Current Officers, Chairs, and Members

Co-Presidents/ Programs: Heidi Fern Clausius, Joy Morin
Directors: Vivienne Sommerfield
Secretary: Bonnie Rowe
Treasurer:Nancy Herr
Historian: Darlene Stammer
Web Administrator:  Bonnie Rowe
Masterclass and Concerts: Michael Boyd
Yearbook:  Joy Morin
Toledo Piano Teachers Association 
Bodlien, Bonnie
Boyd, Michael
Chiu, Esther*
Clausius, Heidi Fern+
Cousino, Joan
Craig, Susan*
Doerfler, Anne
Eikum, Denise**
Foote, Barbara*
Girgis-Hanna, Mary F.+
Grime, Celeste
Harris, Barbara**
Herr, Nancy*
​Herrold, Rebecca Bauman+
Hodges, Erica
Holman, Marsha+

Igo, Sara
Kelling, Norma*
Klopp, Meg Keller
Landskroener, Ellen
Lee, Andreea
Lemle, Mark
Lupu, Virgil
Manchur, Jeff
Miller, Wilbur
Morin, Joy+
Nonnenmacher-Monks, Elizabeth**
Olson, Mercy
​Park, Karen (Yang, Yoon-Jung)
​Perna, Kristina
Pratt, Linda
Renzi, Frances*
Rowe, Bonnie
Rutter, Janet
Savastuk, Nicole
Schutte, Nan
Sholl, Delores
Smith, Linda
Smith, Yvette
Sneider, Elaine A.
Sommerfield, Vivienne
Stammer, Darlene+
Tank, Karen Irion**
Whitaker, Craig
Xie, Ming+
Yang, Yoon-jung (Park, Karen)
Yoder Coulter, Ana
Youngblood, Yvonne
***Emeritus, Ohio Music Teachers Association  (OMTA)
** Nationally Certified, Music Teachers National Association (MTNA)
*   State Certified, Ohio Music Teachers Association  (OMTA)
+  Member, Ohio Music Teachers Association  (OMTA)

The OMTA is affiliated with MTNA, and members hold dual membership in both associations.

Note:  Some members of the Toledo Piano Teachers association are not listed in deference to their preference for privacy.
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To become a member:  You are invited to visit us at one of our open meetings. 
                                        Please feel free to download the pdf forms to learn about our Teacher Certification information and Membership application.  
                                        Annual Dues are $25.00.